Criminals ordered to pay back 21 million in West Yorkshire

A record amount of cash has been taken off criminals in West Yorkshire

Financial investigators who work for the police have secured over 21 million pounds in the last year.

The crack down is part of a programme tackling serious organised crime, which is estimated to cost the UK economy around 37 billion pounds a year.

Ramona Senior leads the team...

“These investigations can be extremely complex," she said. "Often other Forces will prosecute the case and we will provide expert evidence as we reclaim some of their ill-gotten gains.

“In cases like this it is important to remember the victims and what they have suffered. In many cases the offending is still quite raw and led to the collapse of some businesses and the loss of jobs.

“I am very proud of my team and the work they do, day in, day out to take money off of criminals. They relentlessly pursue criminals for what they owe and stop at nothing to make sure they settle their debt to society

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