'I Didn't Realise I Was An Addict'

A Yorkshire man - who was pronounced dead after accidentally overdosing on painkillers, before being brought back to life by doctors - wants a greater awareness of accidental overdosing.

Tom, whose name has been changed, became addicted to the painkiller Tramadol.

He took the tablets up to 12 times a day, but didn't consider himself to be a drug addict because they are on prescription.

Speaking to our reporter, he said: "I had been on prescription drugs for pain relief, but you grow a tolerance to them. Sometimes two would not be enough, so you would take another one.

"Then three becomes not enough, then four. Then, before you know it, your tolerance is so low, you are taking 12 at a time like I was.

"When you step them up, is when you start coming into overdose territory."

He's believes more needs to be done to stop these drugs making their way into the hands of street dealers - who sell these tablets on for as little as 50 pence each.

'Tom' is also working with the council and the hospital to tell people to only take the medication you are prescribed, as you might not be as lucky as him to keep your life.

National Overdose Awareness Day takes place Monday.


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