Future of Wrenthorpe Surgery To Be Decided

Times running out for people to have their say

Campaigners are calling for plans to potentially close Wrenthorpe's local surgery to be reconsidered.

It's future's being reviewed by its parent practice - Outwood - and if it shuts its doors it's feared some patients would have to travel there instead.

A consultation on the plans is in its final few days - David Mcleod who founded an action group to save the surgery, says the closure would impact those who're less mobile.

The closure would only be able to go ahead with approval from Wakefield's Clinical Commissioning Group.

Jo Webster, Chief Officer at NHS Wakefield CCG said:

“Dr Putman & Partners received approval from NHS Wakefield CCG to undertake patient engagement on the future of the Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery. This started on Friday 28th July and will continue for 12 weeks.

“It is important to emphasise that no decision has been taken yet and the CCG is keen to encourage people to respond to the engagement to help us in making a decision.

“The engagement has included drop-in sessions at both Outwood Park Medical Centre and Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery, alongside a public meeting, to allow patients and representatives to meet face-to-face with practice staff and members of Outwood Park Medical Centre patient group.

“All patients have been encouraged to take part in the engagement through the patient survey questionnaire which can be found on the Outwood Park Medical Centre website. By participating in the survey, patients can ensure they voice their opinions through the most appropriate channel.

“The engagement follows work undertaken by Dr Putman and Partners, detailing concern about the future suitability of the Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery to provide services to patients.

“Dr Putman and Partners wish to grow and expand services that they provide. In order to do so they wish to gather patient opinion on the proposal to close the branch surgery, with a view to expanding services and provision at their Outwood site, which they believe would provide a better service for their patients.

“The results of the engagement will be collected, analysed and a report submitted to NHS Wakefield CCG’s Probity Committee, who will make a decision on whether to agree to closure of the branch surgery. Alongside the engagement feedback, the CCG will consider the wider impact for patients to inform their decision.”

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